Weber iGrill 2 Review ( Pros & Cons )

Weber iGrill 2 Review

The Weber iGrill 2 BBQ meat thermometer is much more than a digital thermometer.

This Bluetooth thermometer allows you to simultaneously monitor up to four temperatures, making grilling a lot easier!

Over the last couple of years, the grilling equipment becomes the hot trend and the Weber iGrill 2 sits on the top of this category.

In this Weber iGrill 2 review, we have covered each and everything that will help you a lot in making your decision.

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Weber iGrill 2 Review

Let’s discuss the Weber iGrill 2 Review in details.

Key Features

  • Measure Wide Temperature Range: It is capable of measuring a wider range of temperature from -22 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit
  • IOS and Android App: The Weber’s IOS and Android app has unique user interface making it easy and straightforward to use
  • Preset Meat Setting: This app contains lots of preset temperature standards for different meats such as lamb, fish, pork, beef, and poultry. It also has settings for rare, medium rare, medium well and well done.
  • Battery Timing: The best thing about Weber is that it has 200 hours of battery life which is more than enough for longer cooks.
  • Magnetic Mounting: The magnetic mounting disc is used to mount the base unit. You don’t need to worry if there is no meat on the grill because this kit comes with a circular magnet which is being sticky adhesive can stick anywhere.
  • LED Display: The base has quite bright LED display. You can switch between Fahrenheit to Celsius. This feature becomes very handy for overnight cooks where your phone is out of range or you do not want to connect your phone constantly.
  • Quad Probe Support: The iGrill 2 contains 2 temperature probes in the box, anyhow the unit support 4 probes. This is handy when you are cooking different meats. The app lets you check the probe individually and sets each for individual temperature setting.
  • Warranty and Support: This Weber’s unit comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and really supportive customer service team, give them a call in case of any issue they always happy to give you helping hand.


This BBQ thermometer connects with your phone or tablet to provide you temperature chart through which you can track temperature, sets up alarm and receives push notifications directly on your smart devices.

This feature assures you that your meat is being cooked on certain preset temperature. As compared to others the Weber comes with wider temperature range and excellent response time of three seconds.

Connecting the iGrill thermometer with the smartphone is quite simple. First, of all you have to download the App, Weber’s app has a unique user interface and accompanies a lot of grilling recipes—Not enough, you can also share your recipes and temperature through text messages, emails and on social media.

It has default tweet that you can use when you are grilling—the tweet says “Hey iGrill, do you? Check out what I have been cooking!” with the hashtags #iGrill and #iGrillDoYou.

The useful features such as alarm are simple to schedule through the app. The ringer on the unit base and the phone are quite loud—if your phone is no silent it still vibrates.


This unit will do all the work you can relax for a while, cook side dishes and also socialize with your friends while your food is cooking. This iGrill has a range of 150 feet which is not much longer but enough for you to roam around your house while your food is cooking.

As mentioned above this wireless unit supports up to four probes—two are included in the box which means you can insert these on different spots of the meat to monitor temperature.

In case you grilling the whole chicken and juggling with multiple probes, you can set up alarm for certain temperatures. This feature becomes very handy if you have friends or family who like their meat cooked differently.


The Weber is not an instant-read digital thermometer but still, it is quite accurate. The manufacturer of iGrill thermometer claims that it is accurate up to 1-degree Fahrenheit which we consider after several tests.

The base of grilling station is enough large and bright to be monitored easily.  It shows temperature in degrees, Celsius or Fahrenheit, depending on the preference that suits you most.

The two AA batteries give 200-hours of battery time. The thermometer has no auto shut-off feature so you have to switch it off manually. It is excellent for longer cooking because the thermometer stays on as long as the iGrill 2 is paired with a tablet or Smartphone.

The probe and base are water resistant so it’s alright if it gets wet from the rain or from the juices that come out from the food.

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  • Can connect through 4 probes
  • Free Android and IOS app
  • Wider temperature range
  • Easy to use app with a unique interface
  • Accurate up to 1-degree Fahrenheit


  • 150 feet limited Bluetooth range
Weber iGrill 2 becomes the hottest product in the market. Its accuracy, quad probe support and response time makes it the best digital grill. In this Weber iGrill 2 review, we have covered each and everything that will help you a lot in making your decision.
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