Weber Jumbo Joe Versus Smokey Joe Comparison

Weber Jumbo Joe Versus Smokey Joe Comparison

Smokey Joe and jumbo-sized are both cooking charcoal grills that are utilized for preparing nourishment. In this article, the principal center is to give an examination between Smokey Joe and kind sized flame broils. There are numerous contrasts between these two cooking grills.

Weber Jumbo Joe Versus Smokey Joe

Weber Jumbo Joe Smokey Joe
Weber Jumbo Joe 18 Inch Weber 10020 Smokey Joe
Weber Jumbo Joe 22 Weber 40020 Smokey Joe Premium
Weber 441001 Grilling Weber 1123004 Smokey Joe

Notwithstanding, coming up next is an investigation of Smokey Joe Versus Jumbo.

  • Size

The grill for Smokey Joe is 14.5 creeps in width. Then again, Kind sized has a grill grind width of 18.5 inches. This distinction is huge. This gives an interpretation of a cooking zone of around 165 creeps in Smokey Joe and 268 crawls in jumbo. This can accordingly be inferred that jumbo has a cooking space of 62% more than Smokey Joe. In this manner, the jumbo is superior to Smokey Joe.

  • Convey Ability

Jumbo Joe is more versatile than Smokey Joe. This is because Kind sized Joe has a swinging metal band that is regularly utilized as a top holder. The band can be turned in a vertical position and it bolts as a top, which can be utilized as a holder. The capacity of locking the top makes it exceptionally simple for a person to move a Kind sized grill from one point to the next. Then again, Smokey Joe doesn’t have this element.

  • Execution

As far as execution, jumbo performs far superior to Smokey Joe. This is because of the way that jumbo has a vent for air consumption, which is situated at the pot base. This implies air can without much of a stretch enter at the base of the pot. This isn’t the situation with Smokey Joe. Air enters in Smokey Joe through the sides of the pot. This implies jumbo Joe performs superior to Smokey Joe.

Some Amazing Features Of A Smokey Jumbo

The Smokey Joe Gold charcoal flame broil isn’t just effectively compact, yet it has every one of the highlights you have to get ready awesome grilled nourishment consistently. These highlights include,

  • The 14 ½ inch nickel-plated cooking grate is bounty sufficiently huge to cook for the little family.
  • Glass fortified Nylon Handles.
  • Locking top, makes shipping this flame broil helpful. When utilizing the flame broil, the top lock serves as a cover holder.
  • Porcelain polish bowl and cover holds heat in.
  • Side & Top Vents.
  • No Rust Aluminum Vent.
  • 10 Years restricted Guarantee.

Some Other Amazing Features Of A Weber Jumbo Joe

The Weber Jumbo Joe grill is known worldwide for its notorious pot shape plan. We should make a plunge and investigate what this grill is truly made of,

  • 240 square crawls of cooking surface.
  • Porcelain-covered bowl and top.
  • Heavy-check steel charcoal mesh.
  • Tuck-n-convey cover lock framework.
  • Charcoal-energized flame broil.
  • Aluminum debris catcher.
  • Lid handle with a heat shield.
  • Glass-fortified nylon handles.
  • Rust-safe aluminum dampers.


Because of the correlation of jumbo versus Smokey Joe, it very well may be reasoned that jumbo is superior to Smokey Joe in its size, how versatile it is, and even as far as the exhibitions.

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