Best Built-in BBQ grills Under $500

Grills are a luxury must-have for contemporary living. They come in handy when throwing parties, hosting people, on special occasions and when the outdoors call. However, not all grills are made the same and this is a long established fact that makes a lot of people bitter and sad. If you do not want to be one of those sad and unsatisfied people then keep reading and find for yourself the best bbq grill.

Bbq grills come in all shapes and sizes. Some are portable, some are not designed for travel, but for the proper bbq experience. If you are looking for the best built-in BBQ grill for your patio, backyard or poolside then you have stumbled upon the right place.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of built-in grills is that they offer a huge space. Apart from additional islands and work areas the entire cooking area is huge. The built-in grills add economic and social value to your house. They add character to the house as well as reinforce the warmth and spirit of hospitality and celebration that houses exude.

A good grill is more than perfect meals, it looks aesthetically appealing and feels inviting. If you are ready to delve into that energy and let people soak these vibes of sheer joy and celebration then let’s help you find the best Built-in BBQ Grill for you!

Lion Premium Grills L75623 32″ Natural Gas Grill

A natural gas grill means you will be always prepared. Homes have a natural gas pipeline and this allows you to run your grill all the time without having to worry about fuel. You don’t have to worry about fumes either. Natural gas is a cleaner fuel alternative to many outdoor cooking fuels like coal, wood, and petrol in some cases.

The Lion Premium Grills L75623 32’’ is a larger than life in-built grill for your house to cater to many people at once, while burning the least amount of fuel and risking none of the lives present. The grill offers a might of 830 square inches of cooking surface. Unlike the portable grills, this grill offers fixated legs and a sturdy grip to the floor to avoid any accidents or misfortunes during precious family times. This makes it safe and fit for places with families or loved ones. The grill offers ample 75,000 total BTUs. This is more than the best portable grills good money can buy. It also demands minimal maintenance.



-Premium solid stainless steel cooking grates

-Size: 32 inches

-Double layer seamless welded stainless steel smoker head with polished edges

-Offers a rotisserie



-It will take up a lot of space because it serves many people at once


If you are looking for a spacious, fancy looking, professional-grade premium home in-built grill then this one is a great fit for your needs. You can enjoy the experience here.

Bull Outdoor Products 26038 Liquid Propane Outlaw Drop-In Grill Head

Some investments ought to be long term. This includes trustee household equipment like bbq grills and cooking ranges. The need for them to be long-lived is that you will get better and better at using them over the years and they will become a part of your life. The lifestyle you want can never be complete without the right kind of food you desire. A good grill such as the Bull Outdoor Products’ 26038 Outlaw Drop-In grill head, will supply you the right food match for every mood your personality can throw. And this is why you need one right now.

The Bull 26038 goes up to 60, 000 BTU’s of cooking power. It heats up fast and can sear your favorite cuts of meat in no time or effort. The machine grill does all the effort for you, just like any great investment should.

Basically it has 4 Porcelain Coated Bar Burners. This means that the grill can last years without losing its might and glory. Outdoor cooking should be absolutely trouble-free and joyous, and that makes good grills so important.


-Made out of 304 stainless steel construction

-It comes with a single piece dual lined the hood

-Quick heating solid stainless steel grates

-810 sq. Inches of cooking surface plus 210 sq. Inches of warming rack



-To heavy to travel with

-Uses a standard propane storage tank that needs to be refilled once consumed


If you are looking for a well-sized but not too crazy grill for your outdoors then this can be it. The best part is that it comes with a rack and that warming rack adds magic to serving dinner, making it fresh, juicy and succulent until bitten and swallowed. To place your order please follow the link and get your delightful bbq journey on!

Lion Premium Grills L75625 32″ Propane Grill

If you want yourself a reliable option for the years to come but want to get a little bit fancy on the fuel you can try the Lion Premium Grills L75625 32’’, Propane Grill. It lets you enjoy the fancy feels and the uber-rich flavors without getting too complicated with your cooking process.

The grill adjusts to the user’s natural style and overtime the usage keeps getting better and better. The grill is made out of durable material and will not wear out after a few years. Such investments can be meaningful to a house. The grill will have emotional value as well as economic.

The grill covers about 830 square inches of cooking surface. The power it generates is up to 75,000 total BTUs. This is a restaurant-grade grill.



-Premium solid stainless steel cooking grates

-Size: 32’’

-Durable stainless steel smoker head with polished edges



-Huge capacity means a larger footprint

-Usually not used in the indoors


If you are an outdoors fan and love thick meats seared right then go for the Lion Premium Grills article that is waiting to soothe your watery mouth and wet glands in the mouth. To place an order, head over here.

Bull Outdoor Products 87049 Lonestar Select Natural Gas Drop-In Grill Head

Again natural gas is a great way to ensure that your grill is always ready for your mood to sear and char some steaks and burgers. Bull Outdoor Products understand that. The 87049 Lonestar is proof that natural gas can produce some of the best sears and tastiest authentic chars to your steaks and meats. It is also great for your friends who may like to keep things vegan.

The grill has a drop-in head. And that gives it the best kind of heat dissemination. The grill features a Twin Lighting System. Other than this unique feature it has 4 welded stainless steel bar burners. These allow you to optimize your quantity, heat and the spread of heat to make it as even as possible. This is one of the best builtin bbq grills under $500. The option allows a medium to high 60,000 BTU’s of cooking power. It is great for pub-style smash burgers, gourmet burgers, steaks and more.

The grill is designed to bbq fast and easily. The stainless steel allows the users to clean up easily and spotlessly.


-Smoker Box included

-Piezo Igniters on every valve

-The head covers the grill when it is not in use, making it safe and clean of allergens present in the air.



-Some grills offer even higher BTU’s/Cooking power


If your needs are limited to finding a perfect searing, multiple burner grill then here is the best bbq grill for you, place your order here without hesitation.

Napoleon LEX 605 Built-In Grill with Infrared Rotisserie (BILEX605RBIPSS), Propane Gas

If you are in a rush to get food ready, BBQ is the answer. If you want to plan a fun night in the outdoors on a warm sunny day or whether you want to impress someone on a warm campfire under the night sky, BBQ is the way to go. But other grills are not always as fast as you need them to be. The infrared tech grills address that problem.

This means that some days, especially on the special days of your life where cooking might not be the best option for you the Napoleon LEX 605 can prove to be the best wingman. One solution to the slow cooking on a stove is a gas or natural gas grill. This Napoleon kind is easier to start up and turn off. It is also easy to take care of later and requires minimal maintenance.

It comes in 3 16,000 BTU stainless steel burners; plus one 16,000 BTU infrared grill burner; and a 15,500 BTU burner.



-Propane gas grill with stainless steel construction and chrome accents

-Heavy-duty stainless steel “Wave” grill grates with sear plates

-Rear Infrared Burner

-850 square inches total cooking surface



-Rotisserie kit not included but can be added on as it is compatible.


If you would like to add on at some point in time then this is a great option. It is a steal if you love to make sudden plans. It is also a great option if you like to treat others to the meals you cook, only you are low on time or energy sometimes. It can be your midweek pick-me-up or afternoon delight to pump up things. To place and order and to make life interesting, head over here.


Barbecue is messy and it should be done in the beautiful outdoors. Human beings and cooking food on fire in the outdoors go a long way back. It is thus ingrained in the human DNA to love the outdoors and cooking hearty meals for themselves and their close ones.


On your perfect steaks and burgers, congratulations are in order perhaps! Happy BBQ-ing!

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