Best Vacuum For Area Rugs

Best Vacuum For Area Rugs

Looking for the Best Vacuum For Area Rugs? You’ve come to the right place.

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Vacuum cleaners have walked a long way to reach their present prestigious spot but there is still not a magical cleaner that will do all the jobs it is fed to and therefore the users must customize their needs and choose the vacuum accordingly.

One such need is a vacuum for area rugs, area rugs are soft and delicate carpets and this hard brush rolls and beater bar of the vacuum will destroy the delicate fibers of area rugs. So the users must invest in a good vacuum for area rugs apart from the obvious investment in area rugs. In today’s article, we are going to review the best vacuum for area rugs. Keep stick to our review to have detailed information on each product.

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Don’t have enough time to go through the entire article? Stay here for a while we have got you our top pick. Shark Navigator NV352 Lift-Away Upright vacuum cleaner is the best vacuum for area rugs and hardwood. It is a great vacuum cleaner which is known for its powerful action and complete seal HEPA filtration system. It is a very portable and lightweight vacuum cleaner that will deliver the ideal cleaning shot that is worth not missing.

Best Vacuum For Area Rugs

Let’s dive into the detailed review section of these products!

1.) Bissell 1161 Deluxe Canister Vacuum:

Bissell Deluxe is considered as the best vacuum for wool area rugs and its amazing performance that leaves behind no debris without picking it up simultaneously with taking care of the delicate fibers make it ideal for soft and smooth surfaces such as upholstery and area rugs.

Though its outlook gives the impression of a heavy-duty machine that is built for hardwood floors, it is equally suited to sensitive area rugs and will prove to be a wise and cost-effective decision to use this Deluxe Canister Vacuum over all types of flooring particularly gentler ones.


Soft bristles are the prerequisite for a vacuum cleaner that is designed for cleaning soft carpets like area rugs and Bissell deluxe has the edge in this regard. It is an extremely small and lightweight tool that weighs only 9.1 pounds and thus it is very easy to move it around the house. It has a maximum power range of 7amperes and it could be adjusted according to the material type.

It has several attachments coming with it such as soft bristles for hardwood cleaning, area rug attachment with two height settings, and a retractable power cord. As far as its debris is considered one might find solace as it is very easy to dock out.

2.) Kenmore 400 Canister bagged vacuum cleaner:

If you are ready to spend some extra bucks to get the most bang Kenmore 400 series bagged vacuum cleaners are the ideal one for area rugs. It is a pricey alternative to some of the very best vacuum for area rugs and tile floors. Thus it is yet again another multi-surface vacuum cleaner and the most eye-catching thing about this product is the dual-motor system and the buyer should be rest assured of its no loss of suction strength as two motors will drive enough power to run through its ports to have excellent cleaning shot.


High-Efficiency Particulate Filters (HEPA) filtration system is considered an upgrade over paper filters and they are the best ones available in the market to give very much breathable air free from allergens such as per dander, pollens, dirt, and debris, etc.

It is a moderately priced vacuum as you can spend much to keep your costly rugs in a top-notch condition. It has a telescopic wand made of aluminum and gives a 9-inch extended reach to remote areas. It has three useful attachments coming with it that are bare floor tool, crevice tool, and a dusting brush. It weighs about 20 pounds and this is a major downside to its maneuverability.

3.) Dyson DC39 floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner:

Dyson is a well-known brand in the vacuum cleaner industry and is known to produce some of the very fine vacuum cleaners that are nothing short than being the best one in town. Another praiseworthy trait of Dyson is its post-sale services and long-lasting warranty from the industry’s leading brand.

Dyson has no parallel when it comes to cyclonic suction and the crown of most powerful cyclone suction technology also rests in the head of Dyson. This DC39 is no exception to their legacy and has everything in it to give you the best clearance abilities.


No loss of suction is something desired as full suction strength is what you have paid for and Dyson suction technology is known to pick up all the debris in its vicinity without the slightest loss of suction power. To have the ideal suction strength Dyson has launched an all needed radial root suction technology that works by channeling the suction thereby increasing its strength.

It features an automatic adjustment while transitioning from hard floors to carpets and this is the necessity to be among best robot vacuum for area rugs. This auto adjustment is controlled by a triggered tool which a much like a turbine head and is the only one to be automatically controlled.

4.) Shark Navigator NV352 Lift-away upright vacuum cleaner:

This is the best small vacuum for area rugs and is our best pick for the best vacuum for area rugs. It is an upright vacuum cleaner that is the ideal one to have in pet households as it is specifically designed with the pet hair in mind and is aimed at removing the pet hair from hardwood and gentle carpets. It features a lift-away canister system that is designed to lift the canister away from the cleaning base and thus they wand could easily reach potentially difficult places.


High-efficiency particulate filters give the complete seal anti-allergen cleaning. These are hospital-grade filters that trap more dirt and micro particles relative to the paper filter and thus are ideal Ines for people suffering from certain allergies.

It is a very versatile and portable vacuum and weighs only 12.5 pounds which is good enough to roam it around the house quite easily. It has a bare floor tool for gentle cleaning on area rugs and a brush roll shutoff to do the deep cleaning over both carpets and hardwood floors. Among its most noteworthy attachments are a dusting brush, an upholstery tool, and a 5.5″ crevice tool.

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